Sunday, October 19, 2014


A mid day dryline eater in the middle of a 70 degree October day with all the fins that god gave her.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Deer Frustration...

It almost worked according to plan.

OMR laid down the gameplan.  In the waking hours of the morning, he'd stay back, cover the exit routes and I would  climb the ridge and try to find a buck.

I crested over the ridge for my position, and ho-le-shit.

You could tell from 500 yards out,  there wasn't going to be any question if it was a shooter.

The plan was perfect as the deer were returning to their beds after a night of feeding in the newly sprouted winter wheat.   The game was officially on.

450 yards out, they hung up.  The wind was wrong and they stopped in their tracks and stopped moving towards me.   Damn it.

The buck and his does dropped into their beds, not leaving me a lot of options.  I sat and debated my moves, knowing that eventually the farmers who drive the tops of the cut stubble would be along soon and the jig would completely be up.

You only have minutes in a time like this to make things happen.  Sometimes your choices work, other times, well....the meat doesn't hit the freezer

I circled as far as I could around them with the hope to drop down, cut the distance and take the shot.

The wind is what did me in, as I was about crest, drop down and shoot, they bolted

As mule deer do, a sharp whistle got them to stop.  350 yards out, I put the crosshairs on the bucks back and let er have it

The dustcloud under the buck said he was going to live another day

Frustrated.  You bet.  It was probably the biggest buck I've ever had a chance at.

But it's why I will be back at it again,  trying to alleviate the frustration.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Apex of Anticipation

The week was selected 6 months ago, and loomed on the calendar....distant, but anticipated.

The brotherhood will meet at the pre designated time and place and spend 10 days making it happen, and nights bullshitting, eating well and telling stories around the fire

Steelhead will be there.  That is why so many go to such great lengths to make this week happen.    It's a week that I know all of us have been looking forward to for a long time

Some people come for the entire length of camp, some come in and out and others for just a couple days.  No matter, everyone adds to the flavor of the greatest week of the year.

It cant come fast enough

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Season Of Strange Bycatch

The rod bucked with the signal of a savage hit and my father in law ran to the rod holder and came fast to something

It ran a bit, then surfaced

The season of strange by-catch continues

The poor cormorant, duck, whatever it was snaked the cut plug herring a good 15 ft below the surface so the notion of hooking a winged creature wasn't high in the mind when the reel started singing.

We brought it in and couldn't unhook it without picking it up, and I drew that duty

Insult to injury, the damn thing took a big squirting shit all over my pants.  So I have that going for me.

The bastard bird squawked and drove down below the boat

I think I would have preferred a coho.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Seattle....You're On For Wild Reverence

After months of planning, the final date of the Wild Steelhead Coalition Wild Reverence Fall Tour is upon us.

Seattle, you're on notice.   This Thursday at 630pm, join us at the Uptown SIFF in the Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle to be a link in the chain of steelhead recovery.

We've had our ups and downs with the tour.  Some great dates, some where you are wondering where the hell are those people who say they are steelhead advocates

You can only be a part of the solution if you get your butt off the couch,  off the chat boards and see what you can do.

Come fill the theater Thursday night.  No excuses, just be there.

Get your tickets before the event HERE.

Dont be on the outside of a sold out event (fingers crossed!)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

As It Should Be...

This is the picture of steelhead fishing in my mind, as it should be.

The picture doesn't display the fish, but the process.   The long drive to the steelhead grounds with bad coffee and an equally bad McDonalds breakfast.  It's rigging up, which no matter what you do takes way to long because the river is right before you

It's the funny way OMR stands while the line swings through the run, fist to his hip, arm bent like he's a toy soldier or something.

The reactions after a fish comes and messes with your mind and gives you a pluck.  What an asshole.

It's the sunrise of the early fall and the cold of mid winter.

It's everything but the fish.

Yes, the fish is the quest, but it's the process that sticks in my mind.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Side Benefits...

Spend your time away from the football games on a Sunday and you get to see a much more fulfilling sight.

Happy Fall to everyone.  Go get some!