Monday, December 11, 2017

Happy Dog...

A steelhead river.

A dog and stick, throw after throw

Tired dog, no fish.

(damn poetic, if I do say so myself)

Friday, December 8, 2017

Bend Fly Shop...

You know when you walk in the door of a killer fly shop, you can feel it?

These guys get it....

That's exactly what I felt when I stopped into the brand new fly shop in Bend, OR....The Bend Fly Shop, run by veteran guide Chris Odonnell

Opening just weeks ago, Chris and his wife have created a space that oozes class and has a second level upstairs that I am very, very excited about.

From years and years as a full time guide and owner of River Runner Outfitters, Chris has created a Shangri-La of steelhead fly tying materials and components that makes a fly tying junkie like myself a very, very happy man.

The day I stopped in they were just getting settled with the boxes and boxes killer materials, the best of the best  from each manufacturer that will allow the feather jockeys out there to create some great bugs.

If you find yourself in Bend, go check them out and in the meantime, watch their web site to see the shop grow and if you're looking for a guide on the Deschutes in the summer and fall or the North Oregon Coast in the winter, drop Chris a line HERE

Monday, December 4, 2017

Never Trust The Dude In The Vest...

The running joke in my fishing crew is that I never trust a guy in a fishing vest.

Again, it's a joke....

But Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke is doing his best to reinforce the joke as truth. 

For the first time in 106 years, our government is reducing a federal national monument.....thanks to Trump and his public lands henchman, Ryan Zinke

At one time, I sat across the table from him and listened to him extoll the virtues of public lands and I believed him.

Today, I am disgusted by the reduction of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante.

Shame on you Utah

Shame on you Zinke

Take a read to this insightful article from Outside Magazine, and here's a great section that really tells the truth on the fraud that Zinke is....

3 lawsuits filed already today to block this action.  Saddle up.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Scenes From The Steelhead Road...

I came in the door to eat, have a beer and warm up from a Deschutes River baptism....

I turned around and just started giggling

The Rainbow Tavern in Maupin, OR.  has invariably had to have had a few conversations regarding customers going outside with a beer in their hand.

This sign leaves no ambiguity, and I love it.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Boggans Burns To The Ground

It doesnt seem real

We were on another river chasing steelhead when we ran into a friend who immediately said...

"Boggans burned to the ground last night"

What the...

When our phones hit cell service the news was all across social media.  About 11pm on Saturday night the fire started and the iconic respit of weary travelers, river runners and steelhead junkies went down in flames. 


It flat out made me sick and doesnt feel real.  There for decades after decades, I myself had been going there for close to 18 years and began my steelhead journey right in that very spot.  I caught my first fish just around the corner from there and celebrated with a gigantic milkshake that the cafe was known for.


There's been so many times that we've wearily walked into the cafe before sunrise with it bustling with activity, full of would be anglers amped up on coffee and breakfast from Farrel's grill, waiting to meet their guides for the day.  Those morning pulsed with an energy like nowhere else

We've listened to ranchers talk about the cow business.  It was the first and only place I saw a real, legit cowboy walk in with sheepskin chaps and real actual spurs connected to his boots

So many shuttles paid for and received from.   Metric tons of steelhead and angling stories told.

We all felt Bill an Farrel's time was limited in the canyon as owners and operators of Boggans, but each year would turn and there they were continuing on the hard life of operating the oasis in the middle of nowhere.  Bill recovered from his horrific stroke a few years back and his classic sharpness and whit was right where it needed to be.  Farrel's smile was always looking back at you from the grill or the register.

Father time just kept marching on and the couple just kept opening their doors

It was like a given as the sun comes up.

That given, that sure thing is now gone.

It doesnt seem real, but it is. 

Goodnight Boggans Oasis

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

From Field To Fish

From field to fish, and the steps in between. 

Get out there and enjoy your time outside in the dirt and water.