Friday, October 13, 2017

Spokane Anti-Pebble Mine Rally

This damn mine has more lives than 10 cats

Thanks to the morally corrupt administration and EPA head Scott Pruitt, the shuttered plans to create the biggest open pit mine are now alive again.  Yeah, that mine. 

The one that threatens the fishery in Bristol Bay. 

The ecosystem that 49 million salmon were sustainably harvested in last fishing season. 

The rivers and creeks that sustains dozens of lodges, jobs and fishing economy

The land and water that is sacred to local native groups who've roundly rejected the possibility of this mine

It turns out that a small gift has dropped in our lap, with Pebble Mine CEO John Shively will be in Spokane Tuesday afternoon speaking to a mining group and it's time to voice our opinion of his mine.

I've never been to Bristol Bay.  I've never fished the Kvichak, Naknek, Nushagak, or Alagnak, but I'll be damned to sit by on the sidelines knowing that they could be destroyed with this mine

As we've always said, it's the wrong mine in the worst possible place

So join Tuesday afternoon as we peacefully and respectfully voice our opinions at Shively's speech.  Directly after we will be showing Red Gold, the award winning documentary from Felt Soul Media that shows just what we stand to loose.

Here's the link to the FB EVENT, hope to see you Tuesday night.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

North 40 Emag Goes Big

The North 40 Fly Shops have really stepped up their game in their newest edition of their emag

Greg Thomas from Anglers Tonic has joined their team as editor in chief and you'll see some great content from George Cook,  Marty Shepard, David Moscowitz, Dave McCoy and others who have killer pieces

Take a peek at Moscowitz's piece on this year's periled Columbia River steelhead run.   It sheds great light on what's really going on.

All in all, it's full of flat out great content and photography.   Check it out.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Speak Up for Idaho Steelhead

A bit of your time is needed, pretty please.  TODAY.

If you fish for steelhead in Idaho, or in the Columbia/Snake/Clearwater drainages for that matter, you need to take action today to maintain this year's catch and release regulations on this year's terrible A and B run returns

A month ago, fishery managers in Idaho felt strongly enough that they proactively instituted a C and R  only season on the Clearwater and connecting basins.  Now that the run has been upgraded from apocalyptic to shitty, shitty, shitty.....they feel it's ok to open a catch and kill season

The biggest issue are the B-Run wild fish.  There's a tragic amount forecasted back to the Clearwater, some say less than 1200 wild fish.  In a state that continues to allow for barbs, bait and wild fish out of the water, the impact on the tiny amount of wild returns is far too great to allow for a catch and kill season

Opponents to the C and R season say that it's causing undo economic impact on the local communities.  People wont go unless they can take a fish home.

I call bullshit.  Run your trips C and R.  Sell the experience, show prudence in fish handling.  Teach anglers about what a unique resource we have and that this year needs extra TLC.

If we keep kicking the B Run fish in the nuts, they're going to go away.  Forever. 

In the meantime, we have exactly 1 day to get your voices to the Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners.

Follow the link to submit your comments.  Keep the Clearwater, Salmon and Snake systems C and R this year.

Friday, October 6, 2017

When You Think Your Hot Stuff...

Well hell, didnt I think I was hot shit

Circa 2006 on a freezing day on the Grande Ronde.   There was icebergs rolling down the river and I was convinced that we weren't going to find anything that day

You'd make a cast and think your bugs were in the zone, only to find them sitting on a a chunk of frozen water.   It was a hell of a day.

Towards the end of the day, we sat on an island dejected.   Finally I looked up and noticed how the ice would pile up, giving you a brief moment to cast and sink the bugs.

I have to tell you, it's interesting to fight a big hatchery fish as it slices through the iceburgs

Extra points for the moose knuckle I'm sporting

We all have our past.  It's best to just look back and laugh.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bucket List Article...

I've read the Drake for a dozen or so years now, and I've always thought...

One day, one day....I'm going to be in that magazine.

A bucket list item of sorts, we all have to have our goals that drive our craft.  Weight lifters  and runners have their PRs,  steelhead fisherman who  search for that 40 inch buck, so on and so forth.

In the process of writing this piece on the Spokane River, what I really learned is that it's the community that you surround yourself with that will drive or hinder your development.  Like the 10 year old playing basketball with the junior high kids, I was fortunate to have the council of other great writers  and advisors that I look up to as this article took on it's final incarnation. 

The emails to fellow writers who suggested some great edits

The collaborators and photographers like Michael Visintainer who bring the words to life with his images

My friends and fellow Spokane River enthusiasts who gave me great quotes and insight to really bring the pieces together.

And most importantly, the editor who gave me a shot.

Writing the article was the easy part.  Assembling the right people in my life has taken years and that  what I am most proud of.

Friday, September 29, 2017

About Dam Time...

Another reminder that Cathy McMorris Rodger's House Resolution 3144 is bad, bad, bad, bad bad for the Snake River System.

It's bad for the fish

It's ecosystem

It's economic development

You know what it's good for?

A handful of special interests that have the Congresswoman's ear.

If you're interested in spending another 15 billion over 20 years in Salmon and Steelhead mitigation costs, with no real recovery in sight?  It's the bill for you!

If you're interested in kicking the can down the road for the next 5 or so years with no attention go increased in reservoir temps, poorer juvenile salmonid health while in river, reduced springtime spill, and continued downward trends in wild stocks, it's the bill for you!

If you're down with subverting a NEPA public comment process, basically saying that the 400,000 public comments are worthless?  Sign yourself up to this legislation.

If you're happy with re-instituting a Columbia River Biological Opinion that's been federally invalidated 5 times by more than one judge.  Boom, get you some of this action.

I, on the other hand believe that this bill is really bad.  Check it out, as I think you'll have a mind to agree

It's time to #FREETHESNAKE

Monday, September 25, 2017

A Day With Dad...

Lets spout the cliches....

It was good to just be out there.

A bad day fishing is better than any day working

They're a fish of a thousand casts.

That's why they call it fishing, not catching.

We should have been there yesterday

and so on and so on.

Spending the day fishing 3 great steelhead rivers in that day made for a great day.  We didnt catch anything except for OMR's brief hookup and extra long distance release.   I think I had a grab but who knows, maybe it was a rock.

We ate bad gas station hotcase food.  We made fun of each other.  We discussed life and kids.

We second guessed our choices of runs, rivers and flies.

We snuck in a few beers and maybe a pull of whiskey. 

We started the day and ended the day in the dark

It was a hell of a day with dad.