Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chasing Steelface

First off, last week sucked at work. I felt like I was working a never ending Office episode. Thank god we had planned an excursion out to chase steel on the Grande Ronde. The Ronde is my favorite river. It's where my thoughts drift to, the river I compulsively check the USGS gage and the river I have no problem getting up with a royal hangover..driving 3 hours, fish hard for steel all day and drive back home for 3 more hours. We dont call that crazy, we call it normal

I did my best to let the fish know what proper steelhead behavior was, as in pick up the steelhead pats stone in your mouth and hang on. Apparently they didnt get the memo from me. Old Man River and my buddy Bo had a better phone line and got through

Now I have fished the GR a ton in the past couple of years and the fish Bo caught and OMR (that's Old Man River for short) were some of the brightest fish for January I have ever seen , not to mention Bo's fish was a TAAAA OD.....all parts of 12 lbs. Doesnt it look like he declaired Jihad on that steelhead?

That fish of OMR's looks almost coastal. Barely any color in January, that hen must have flown up the Columbia System

I had a brief hookup, 2 headshakes and then ol' steelface went gooood bye. My F-Bomb is still hanging over the canyons right now

Hey Bo....can you say....BONK

This hatchery hen is headed for a Super Bowl Party dinner

Till next time steelhead, till next time

Countdown to Belize--27 Days

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