Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where the cell phone cant reach me...

There are times when I want to throw my cell phone in the trash and forget it. Times when a week unravels in the span of a phone call. Times when everything you do turns into a smelly mess. This was last week

When that happens, there is one place that beckons me beyond all else.

No secret to the fishing community, the minute you descend into the canyon, one important thing happens that disconnects you from the rest of the world. You cell phone becomes a paper weight.

Park where the road ends, and this scene unfolds before you

A couple of tricky river crossings puts you in front of some serious holy steelhead water. This day was a gift, a normal workday taken off for "mental therapy"

In all honesty, I fish a lot. Understatement of the year, right? Probably more than most, outside of the guide community, but I needed this day. I thank god times 1000 for my wife, for she couldn't be more supportive...and I thank my lucky stars she understand when I get like this. She makes my world.

I needed some hours on the water with OMR, where the majority of communication is done with hoots and hollers and the most controversial thing are the barbs that are thrown at each other over a messed up casts.

I needed time for where my biggest decisions rested on what lie to swing, what type of cast was next and how far to move down until I make my next presentation.

I needed to slow life down

I needed some chest bumps and atta boys when OMR and I laced into a few cooperative steelhead.

Nice work Dad

Minutes before the day was to end, I was given the best gift I could have recieved.

It was another last cast of the day hook up, and a firm battle was fought with a bright hen

As that graceful native hen dove back into the pool where she came from, she, along with the river, my father and the canyon I was standing in gave me the ability to put the previous week behind me. They gave me mental clarity. They gave me what I needed

And I will thank them forever for those priceless gifts

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