Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hey "Lost" Fans...

While out fishing the home waters, I am pretty sure I found another "installation".  I was half waiting for Sawyer to come running out and ask me to save them.

Here it is, in the middle of town, and you have this fenced off area next to the river.  You can walk into it, but each building is razor wired off. Another friend I fish with calls this area "The Compound".   This is one of those places within our fair city that I am sure 99% of the 500,000 or so people in the metro area have zero clue that it's there.

As you read the signs, take notice of the last line of caution on the next picture.

"Military Working Dog Teams"  Lord help us if they have laser beams on their heads and GPS systems in their paws

Shoot, all I want to do is fish by it.  Hope it doesnt end up with military action against me, as in military working dogs with ripping fangs telling me I shouldnt be there



  1. Millsy,

    I am going to put this post of your on WikiLeaks and see what happens. Good find:)


  2. LMAO! Lets bust out the turbans and do a little fishin' on Thursday!

  3. We always called the water by that place the "X File Hole" ... Guess that dates me to the 90's...

  4. So just what is in those buildings? Some of them look like maintenance sheds. The patrol dogs must be out pretty infrequently. . .a flock of turkeys lives out there and walks without fear!--Trail Walker