Friday, May 6, 2011

If you like Salmon and Steelhead...

Monday's a pretty big day.

Wonder why our returns have been so good in recent years in comparison to historical averages?  Judges have ruled that it's a pretty good idea to let a river like the Columbia to behave like, whaddayah know...a river.  Spring time flushing of smolt downstream have helped immensely in getting the little guys down the gauntlet of dams on their way to the salt.

Monday, May 9th, a federal court in Portland, OR is going to rule on the Obama administrations recycling of the previous admin's Biological Opinion in setting salmon protection and restoration policy for the Columbia and Snake River Basins.

If you remember's not the most sound policy.

If you like Salmon and or Steelhead, get off you boot and get involved.  Take your time and go to the Wild Salmon Coalition web site and figure out what you can do.   Trust me, they'll put you to work.

Keep your fingers crossed for Monday, because its a big day.

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  1. Sure hope the Judge rules in favor of the river, salmon and steel and the public trust(instead of bureaucrats and politicians). Fingers are crossed.