Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reversal of Opinion, I Do Believe...

I have changed my opinion, wholeheartedly.  I doth stand corrected.

With an hour of daylight left yesterday, I threw out caution, clipped off my wet fly and went skating.  That hour  was a glimpse into true Steelhead Nirvana. 

Our group had already had a great day with a consistent bite and fish landed.  OMR landed a massive hatchery hen on the Snake and the end of the day put us at the mouth of the home river.

The light began to flatten out and with a Skopper attached,  I saw my first actual skated dry take by a steelhead.  I promptly trout set it out of it's mouth.

Wow, it actually happened.  Couldn't believe it.   Ok, back at it.

Two casts later, a massive slashing rise and we were connected.

Holy holy holy shit (my inner monologue)

I said that phrase 5 more times in that hour and landed two fish.  This is the type of stuff that makes Steelhead nuts like me a bit weak in the knees.  

So back to that picture.  That's what happens when 7 different fish try to destroy a skater. 

Oh hell yes.  Oh, hell yes!


  1. uh oh, careful there buddy. once you've hit the waking fly crack pipe it's a tough one to put down. before you know it you'll be forgetting your sinktips, forsaking your hobo-speys and waking well into november. nothing better than a bunch of visual takes and a well chewed waker at the end of the day

  2. Freekin yeah dude. Yeah...