Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey Montana Fly Co...

Hey, Carson here.  Today's my first birthday and I hijacked Dad's computer and I wanted to tell you thanks for my birthday present, the artist series river camo fly box. 

Looks like I can put about a bazillion flies into this thing, and impress my fellow fly fisherman as well.

Pops tells me he's going to test it out this weekend on the Grande Ronde.  I think he has plans to load it up with a bunch of swing bugs in his quest for swanging up a steelhead.  God bless America that dude is obsessed!

He also wanted me to tell you that he owes a big thank you to the Outdoor Blogger Network for setting up the giveaway that he won for this box.  I dont know anyone else who wins more swag on the internet.  Next time he tries to put me down for a nap before I am ready, I'm calling the IRS or something.

Anyone who's down for  a river play date..hit me up on Pop's blog here.  I can already cast 60 ft with a single hander and am working on my snake roll with the Spey rod.   I'm just kind of advanced for a one year old.  No big deal or anything.

See you soon on the river!


  1. Carson,
    Way to be so stylin' already!
    And for making the rest of us fly fishers jealous you have a mack-daddy fly box.

    Enjoy it and make sure you tell good old dad to give it back at the end of the weekend. Happy Birthday ~

    (And to do dad, you're welcome from the OBN. Montana Fly Co. is awesome to work with and we were thrilled they wanted to be part of the celebration week)

  2. Dear Carson, You did well by picking up a MFC box, but since your old man is already hijacking it, you should make him get you an Olive the Woolly Bugger by MFC. Just sayin. Happy Birthday!