Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Stolen Afternoon...

OMR stopped by the office, pontoon in the back of the truck on his way out to a local stillwater to say hello.

Immediately, I was itchy...

Back into the office and 2 back to back appointment cancellations with potential clients and the prospects of cold calling my way back into productivity looked about as yummy as a poo sandwich.

Time to scratch the itch, vigorously.

Its been an intense couple of months at work and I desperately needed to play hooky like a 4th grader staring at playground equipment on hot spring day. 

Racing home, I switched out of work clothes, into fishing clothes, collected my gear, loaded the pontoon, grabbed a beer and flew out of my house to the lake in under 10 minutes.  Fishing time was on the line

Arriving at the lake I knew right where OMR would be and there he was.  Posted up away from the other boats in his "spot" where the chronomids are attacked by hungry trout, his rod bucked time after time.  Anyone who knows lake fishing knows it takes a painful long amount of time to get your gear together.

It makes me feel like a Chinese Fire Drill...

Finally, I met up with OMR and started a bit of bobber staring.

Some hate lake fishing, I tend to find it extremely therapeutic. 

Want to forget your issues for a while....then stare at the bobber.

Thankfully the fish were willing participants.  Most fish were taken when the wind gave the water a bit of chop or when things died down, on the micro retrieve that gives the bugs just the right action.

The best part of the day was stealing some time away from what the day was supposed to be and indulging in something that it wasnt, normally, supposed to be.  OMR and I traded turns in landing fish and alternately cheering and jeering each others efforts. 

It was pure mental gold.  The perfect reset button.

So what's the moral of the story. 

Even as an adult, it's ok to play a little hooky.....