Monday, July 16, 2012

Investing With Pebble In Mind

We're all working to ensure our future.

And for many of us, that means investing in the stock markets through stocks, IRA's, mutal funds and the myriad of other options

Recently it donned on me how many of us are unwittingly investing in a collection of different funds that contain stock within the companies we are fighting against in regards to Pebble.

I know in my world, I get the investing prospectuses in the mailbox every week and most of the time, they go directly in the round file.

Not anymore.

Open those books you get and look to make sure you're not in funds with these three companies

Northern Dynasty


Rio Tinto

They are the major players in the push to develop the Pebble Deposit.  If you're going to do something, start with where your putting your money

On the converse, there are companies who have come out and pledged to not use the metals or anything else that would come out of a developed Pebble Mine.  Tiffany and Zales head this list and to see the full 50, click HERE.

I havent fully vetted all my accounts, but with help I will be doing my best to avoid and divest from funds that contain any company that works with them to develop Pebble.

On a side not, since the EPA closed the comment period on the project, here's what the market thinks of those stocks

Norther Dynasty 52 week high, $11.88...closed 7/16 at $2.62

Rio Tinto 52 week high, $73.39, closed 7/16 at $46.42

In the long run, the impact we all can collectively make in the pockets of the companies supporting pebble will only enhance the opposition to this project. 

If there are others to avoid, please comment here and let others know.

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  1. Well said, Josh. I have some research and work to do... On a higher note, I hooked into 5 sockeye today on the Upper Kenai with my fly. I landed zero, but I'm hooked! I cannot imagine never getting this opportunity again.