Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Truths....Six Degrees of Chewbacca

The truth of the day....

Fly fishing is a very small community.  

Get to know a few of the people around the fly fishing community and you end up playing the six degrees of separation....but usually it doesnt last that long before you find mutual friends.

The Vanilla Gorilla from Evolution Anglers is a good buddy of mine who guides out of the Stonefly Inn in Twin Bridges, Montana

On the other hand, I have a great client who lives in Seattle and is an ardent fly fisherman.  Eric's one of the guys in the advertising industry that I have tried to model myself after.   He's a hell of a dood.

I get a call from Eric a couple days ago, and the message was something like this

"Hey headed to Montana to fish with a big group of buddies in our annual fishing tournament"

Damn, sounds like a good time

Yesterday, the Vanilla Gorilla calls to tell me he's fishing in some tournament around Missoula as a break from his normal guide schedule.

Well I be damned....the same tournament.

The fly fishing community is small, but I like it that way.


  1. the vanilla guerillla? joe is like 5'5"

  2. A very true comment as I've learned in my short time in the FF community. It's something that helps a newer fly fisher in many ways though. I'd say that this "truth" has helped me become a better fly fisherman simply by networking and getting out with others/learning the ropes.