Sunday, October 21, 2012

When the Steelhead Gods Say It's Time....

When the steelhead gods say its time, then it's time.

My good friend Ryan took up the Spey game a year ago, and he's been dedicated to two handed casting with the goal of hooking his first steelhead on the Spey.

Yesterday, it happened.

Three quarters through the swing in my favorite run in my favorite river in the world this A run gamer slammed his bug and off to the races it went.  Hatchery in origin, it is current marinating in wait of the bbq tonight at the Bailey household.

Two weeks ago Ryan accompanied OMR and I to the big water in the hopes of crossing off the list.  In the last run of the day I turn around  to hear "fish, fish, fiiiiiiiish" and Ryan was hooked up.  Two seconds later the fish was off and if he was the swearing type, I am sure there would have been some choice words.  Sometimes, the connection isnt sold and the fish swims on.  Dems da breaks. 

Now back to yesterday, as it's not always the biggest fish you catch that leaves the biggest mark on your brain. .  Often times, it's the one you work the hardest for, as in the case here with Ryan's first spey rod steelhead.

By the way, that fish is bigger than it looks.  Ryan used to play basketball for the Palouse Cougars and thus, he's a huge dood.  He estimated the buck around 5 lbs.

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