Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Prompt and Thorough Ass Kicking

I have never been so destroyed by a steelhead than this one I never saw, and absolutely couldnt land

With available fishing space gone, I traversed around the basalt ledges and get to a spot that I can make a half decent cast.  Before cast #1, I say to my buddy Ryan these prophetic words...

"I am screwed if I hook a fish"

And in the first cast....I was

About 3 minutes after the video ends, the hook pulled and the game was over

I never saw it, could hardly move it, and had the feeling the fish was playing me the entire time


  1. Don't worry, you will get a bigger one next month.

  2. That is a bummer, but next time it will be a monster!

  3. Regardless of the ending, that looked like fun!

  4. A better angler would have landed that fish.