Thursday, April 11, 2013

Guideline Eyegear Review....

Yes, why yes they do. 

My answer to the question "Do they make you handsomer?"

Beyond the trivial questions like that, these glasses get the Chucking Line and Chasing Tail stamp of approval

The good folks at Guideline gave me the opportunity to put these eye covers to the test and they have lived up to what I was hoping for.    

Model Tested--The KEEL

Here are the top reasons 8 reasons I dig these glasses from Guideline

1.  Lightweight-- After a while, you kind of forget they're there.   As in they might float away

2.  Snug to the face--Two soft plastic points in the frame, from the temple piece that sits near the ear to the nose bridge where it molds around your snozzle

3.  Unfair to the fish--The smarter people than I tell me that they screen out 100% of UV A and B Rays and the polarization is superb.  All I can say is that I can look through the water and see fish before they see me

4.  Eye coverage-- One of my biggest pet peeves is when frames come into the field of view.  Big lenses on this frame give me no issue with this here

5.  Warranty--Because when my goofiness comes down on the frame, it's nice to know that their warranty will take care of you.

6.  Wife Approval--Check, check and check...she digs them..

7.  Great in low light and high sun--pretty self-explanatory

8.  Less dent in your wallet--They're a heck of a value for their price point.  You get a lot for $69.95

So what would I change......

I cant speak to the technical aspects of the frame or the levels of polarization, but what I would do is consider offering a few more frame and lens combinations.  Right now there's 3 styles to choose from.

Other than that...go and check them out.  I think you'll be happy you did   

Find more info about Guideline and their offerings by clicking HERE

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