Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Resource Paradox of The Tongass

Eternal and everlasting returns versus short term gains

What’s worth more?

This is the central question to the protection of America’s Salmon Forest in Southeast Alaska.  The Tongass,  Namely The Tongass 77

The Tongass is massive.  It’s huge. Its so big, so diverse, so unique.  So unlike any other ecosystem in the world.

Right now, The Tongass needs protection so it can survive in perpetuity.  There’s 77 distinct watersheds that are the backbone of the salmon and wildlife web that are so irreplaceable that Trout Unlimited of Alaska and other conservation groups have named these watersheds as the most important of the entire region.

So choices are presented, and you have to decide what’s the best way to use our resources. 

A couple of generations accumulate wealth versus an entire region maintaining it’s economic lifeblood for generation, after generation after generation

It’s the thousands of linear board feet opposed to the 17,000 miles of cool clear streams and flawless spawning gravel for all 5 species of Pacific Salmon, char, resident rainbows and steelhead.

Its privatization of what is now public lands or keeping them for the public good forever.

It’s a proactive approach to conservation as opposed to waiting for the inevitable decline…..and then reacting with a mitigation plan that’s akin to  putting a band aide over a flat lining heart attack.

It’s silt vs spawning gravel

Cedar stumps or Chinook salmon

Gold versus Coho

Commercial fisherman, guides and their families versus several proposed hydroelectric projects around Southeast Alaska.

It’s wave after wave of sockeye salmon completing their lifecycle and bringing ocean based nutrients to the entire stream, forest and animal versus stock prices.

The paradox of resources will always battle on but the answer to this is question is obvious.

Protect the Tongass, America’s Salmon Forrest forever.

Activate yourself now and get involved by learning more at

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