Thursday, October 10, 2013

She's a Screamer

The Ebay listing went a little something like this....

"We know nothing about fishing, let alone fly fishing.  This reel was under some papers in a bin that we bid on at an estate sale auction.  Looks like it's never been used.  Hope someone can find some use and joy from it"

Ah hem...what?

So after some serious last second bidding and a week in between, she arrived at my house. The Hardy Sunbeam 8/9.   I don't think this reel has ever seen water.

Pull a little line of the reel and she screams the classic hardy click.  It sounds beautiful.  

I think I'll introduce her to a steelhead this weekend.


  1. I will be up there as well and will listen for the sound

  2. Beautiful! Based on the descripiton it sounds like you landed that thing for a good price.