Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Choices Inside Your Dog's Head...

While I am standing thigh deep in the flow, Murph Dog is left to her own demise.

Passing the time between casts and the occasional hookup, I start to think about what in gods name is going through the dog's brain while she watches me fish....

It's all about choices

Eat and roll in the dead, rank and rotting salmon, or.......Hang out on the beach

Find the deer carcass, ripe a leg off of it and chew it to bits and in turn, smell like decaying flesh for two days or.......swim out to me, anchor in the current and perform the doggy treadmill (see below)

Jump into the run first and spook the fish, or.....fall asleep standing mid river

She's a dam fine lab with a good enough bird nose to boot, but there's always a a bit of hijinks involved when all she has is time on her hands.

Of course, when a fish is hooked...she's right there as inspector general.

What's your best story of dogs on the bank?  We'd love to hear about them.

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