Monday, February 10, 2014

The 6th Month Fish...

6 months is a long time.  August to the end of January.  The length of our summer run steelhead season

T shirts morph to hoodies and 2 layers of wollen socks

Delicate and sparse traditionals turn into balls of flash and feather 4 inches longer or more.

Skaters to sink tips

Long lines to compact skagits

First run sunrises to ice in the guides

Three distinct seasons on 3 very different rivers for the same run of fish.   

Although the same, they fish change and behave so differently depending on the river. They rise less, sometimes more and stay grabby longer...much longer than others may think.

There seems to be this common thought that steelhead season in our area is just a fall endeavor.   Crowds come and go and sometimes, the most rewarding piece of the 6 months lie on the edges.  

Case in point, the first fish of the season.  August 4th on a full dryline.

Last fish, January 29th.  OMR almost got spooled. 

Those fish will stick out much longer and more distinctly than all the rest.  

Variety in the quest.  Cant wait for the next 6 months.

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