Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's a Strange, Strange Landscape....

The Basalt columns and cliffs contain the rookery of a couple thousand geese and they let you know, they aint happy about you coming near them.

The farmland you travel through to get to this lake is so uber efficient in their farming practices it would be a miracle if a ditch parrot could survive the onslaught.

The whole place just feels out of place.  You drop into a massive coulee and there it is.  Narrow and deep and long.  It's the kind of place you dont want to press your luck with the pontoon and make sure your motor is in good working order, with a kicker to back you up.

On one occasion, we got the bright idea to take a old 10 ft Livingston style boat to the back end of the lake, propelled by an electric motor.  20 minutes with the wind to get to the hot spot, hour and a half to get back with the wind in our face.  Lets just say it's the one and only place where I felt that I should kiss the shore when we got to the launch

Beyond all this, the bows grow big.  Really Big.  Acrobatic and silver, they make the drive very well worth it.

But good gawd is it a crazy landscape.  I keep waiting for a herd of buffalo to roll on by and take a drink, but it hasn't happened yet.

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