Monday, December 22, 2014

Observations of a 4 Year Old Pheasant Hunter...

Safety was stressed, 10 times over.  Never go in front of Dad and Ryan.  Never.

Always think the gun is loaded.  Always.

Ok, lets go have some fun.  Watch the dog, she's smelling for birds.

Im not going to lie, I've pretty much been dying to take my buddy Carson outdoors since he was born. With a backpack full of snacks and drinks, we took a stroll down a canyon on a buddy's family ranch.

We never fired a shot, saw a couple flush a football field away and watched a porcupine waddle up a trail.  It was a great time.

The best part, the points of interest for a 4 year old.

Every 5 minutes "Dad, I want a snack"

On a serpentine washout in the farm road  "I bet a snake made this"

Every 5 minutes "I need a little rest"

"Hey Dad, what do ants eat"  "Why didnt you shoot that bird" (referring to a robin)

"That tree looks like your nose"

"I bet a moose made this track"  "Is this moose poop"  "Where are the mooses dad"

"watch me throw this stick in the creek"  X10

"Yes, another puddle to jump into"  The whole road was full of puddles

He was asleep within 5 minutes of getting into the car and didnt move for an hour until we got back home.    It was the beginning of our outdoor adventures together, with a lifetime ahead of us doing the same

I can only hope for more silly questions and observations afield.

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