Sunday, January 11, 2015


Its been in the blood since the beginning, you've never had to ask me twice to go fishing.  In some cases, I took it upon myself to go by myself, even at a very young age

My parents had a cabin on a lake north of Spokane for my entire life.   Right on the water, it was an amazing place to grow up and spend summers.

When I was about 2, maybe 3... my parents awoke to find me missing.  Gone.

In a panic, they searched all the rooms of the cabin and the areas nearby.  As they turned toward the dock, there I was.

No life jacket, sitting happily with rod in had at the end of the dock, toes dipping in the 20 feet of water.

Not wanting to freak me out, my dad calmly came out to me and asked what I was doing.


And all he could do was laugh.

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