Friday, May 1, 2015

Tell NOAA To Get It Right...

So a lot of the hubabalou regarding steelhead conservation in the past year or so over has been in the conflict of NOAA and WDFW not getting their federally mandated shit together.

Now NOAA is taking the low road in not putting a fully completed Biological Opinion together in lieu of a Cursory Environmental Review of hatchery programs and their impact on native fish populations in the Puget Sound.

It's a colossal junk show option akin to poking your head in the door and saying, "yep, looks good to me" instead of going in the door and looking in all the rooms of the house.

We have to get it right.

Read more about why this shift in strategy is not good by clicking HERE  and after you're done with that, tell NOAA directly via email why you support sound science by clicking HERE.

Get er done ladies and gents, comments and emails are due by May 4th.

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