Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Bugs, New River

I've needed like this trip like no other.

With an administration hell bent on dividing our country, censoring government agencies and enacting policies guaranteed to harm our environment, time at the vice has been a centering point as the trip approached

The river in sight is one that is at the bedrock of our sport.  The names of yesteryear are all associated with it's former greatness and hopefully with continued recovery, new names will be attached to it's resurgence.

The fish are big.  The water is in perfect shape.  The crew assembling is one for the ages

So the vice has become my center point in these strange times.  Boiling things down to color patterns and fly construction has a welcome focal point aside the political environment in daily turmoil.

I hope to catch a fish on this new river.    Beyond that, I want the mental clarity that putting a new fly into a new river followed by hours of swing, step and repeat will bring

The troubles of our country can wait a couple days.  I'm going fishing.

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