Tuesday, February 21, 2017

TBT...Bobber Ninja

Facebook and it's reminders of the past.  This one took me right back to river.

The indicator, errr....bobber slammed down as we were about to drop into a pretty good rapid. Fighting a fish through the frothing mess is nothing short of a rodeo.

We eddied out and brought the fish to hand.  The hatchery hen inhaled the egg pattern and into the box she went for a later date with the smoker.  Dad and I shared a happy moment, a pull off the flask in celebration of success in our favorite place in the world

What a world away that was.

Before I was seduced by 2 handed casting.  Before diapers, soccer practice and Kindergarden.. Before my 30's, management,  grey overtaking my beard.  Before down and across, scandis and scagits and 1307's.  Before conservation and public land fights.

Before all that, I was a bobber ninja.....and I loved every minute of it.

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