Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday Muddler Magic

Muddler's are awesome.

They're one of those bugs that when they come off the vice, they always look like they have the juice

The thing is that I dont have the greatest success on them.  I put them on the end of the line and wonder if I am making the right choice.

Then I bring it up near me in the water and check it out.  The darn thing looks like a fish Snickers laying in the water and I continue on and fish it.

So enjoy Monday's muddler offering.  What are you're thoughts on the muddler?

1 comment:

  1. My story is pretty similar. I think the problem is that they tend to be kind of stiff and float beautifully unless they weigh about a pound. Some years ago I started tying them with trimmed soft hackle instead of trimmed deer hair (I seem to be partial to pheasant body feathers but hen hackles work great). The one I dropped in the Spokane on Saturday while trying to tie it on definitely didn't float for long, and it looked beautiful as it swam away on its own.