Monday, March 26, 2018

You're On Your Own Kid...

The rod bucked with the report of a very large fish attached to the kids rod.  

He set the hook and began giggling.  Then the rodeo began.

The fish ripped line faster than this young man had ever experienced.   He excitedly yelled at his dad...."Help me dad, help me!"  "You reel it in, I cant do it"

The whole boat in unison, uncles, friends and Dad, chimed back in...."No way kid, you're on you're own"

He began to win the battle.  The runs were shorter and he could tell he's gaining the upper hand. 

"Rod tip up, keep it up"  " You got it big guy".   "Keep on it, you're doing great"

Dad dipped the net under the giant rainbow and the entire boat erupted in cheer.  The young man sat there in awe as the adults hooped and hollered.  

The moment was perfect.  The son had earned his place at the table and crested over a monumental hurdle.  Fighting a world class rainbow and doing it all on his own.  

Dad couldn't have been prouder.  

As the whale swam off, the enormity of the moment sank in.  

You couldn't have wiped the smile off the boys mouth for the better part of an hour if you tried.

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  1. High 5 the young man for me!Great story and great fish!!!