Monday, April 16, 2018

The Hike


"Yes, we're getting up and going on that hike.  Hells yes, we're going to do it"

"woohooo" .

"Where's my beer?"

"dude, this philly steak sandwich is amazing"

550am... (insert alarm blaring)

"What the fuuuuuuu....."

"Who's idea was this"

"Did we really think this would be a good idea"

"Man, that philly cheesesteak was a horrible idea"


We boarded the buses with about 120 or so other members of Backcountry Hunters and Angler members for the Hike to Hunt Challenge at the 2018 Rendezvous in Boise this past weekend.  Lots of monosyllabic words and grunts filled the buses as we made our way to the Table Rock trail

It was another great event I wanted to be a part of at the conference.  The weekend was filled with  amazing conferences and networking with people from around North American and beyond.  I tend to try and do everything at these types of events and the hike wasnt going to be missed.

The ambitious members of this troop put 40 or 25 pounds of salt on their backs and ran up the trail to try and win a bevy of prizes from sponsors.

I was just happy to get up there without stopping

While I'm sure I smelled like Coors Light and whiskey but the view from the top was worth it.

I felt better.   The hangover was gone, ready to roll for another day of the conference

Beyond that, I stood in awe, so proud to be part of a group that could rouse a big group of people before the sunrise to hike and run up a bluff in spirit of community.

Maybe you should be a part of the fastest growing conservation group in the country.........Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

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  1. Hell Yea!!! Thanks for making the event, it was an amazing show of badassery from across the north american continent!