Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Take a Hike Senator Lee

Those crazy Utah politicians...

Last week, Utah Senator Mike Lee announced his long term goal and desire to rid the federal government of it's public land holdings. 

That should make the hair on the neck stand up at attention if you're a person who cares about one of the most basic rights we have as Americans.  Public land.

Totaling over 640 million acres, federal public land is the most important aspect to outdoor recreation in this country.  The ability and right to roam at your personal discretion is a birthright that our forefathers like Roosevelt thought to give us.   Park your car at a trailhead and go.   Float through miles and miles of river corridor whenever you want.

And this jokester, along with the majority of the Utah congressional delegation and other elected officials want to take that away.   Check out his reasoning, it's a fairy tale of gross over exaggerations.

Royal Forests my ass.

Truth be told, the desire to transfer federal land to state control is a thinly veiled push for turning the land private

Private to developers.  Private to gigantic land owners.  Private to resource extraction.

It's time to tell Senator Lee to take a hike.   Respectfully hit him up on social media.   The guy's kicked the hornets nest of public land owners and I am sure his poor staffers are a little tired of fielding calls, emails, tweets, facebook and instagram posts

This particular one is my favorite.  Over 3400 replies in 5 days after his announcement

I wonder if he's getting the message.   Maybe he should ask his buddy Congressman Chaffetz what happened the last time he threatened public lands

Find the hair on the back of your neck still up, get into action

Give his office a call.  (202) 224-5444

I'm sure they'd love to hear from thousands of public land owners over and over again

Remind them that our public land generates an estimated $646 billion in economic impact and employs approximately 6.1 million Americans

Lastly, if you live in Utah vote this guys out of office.  Take away their pulpit. 

#Keepitpublic.  It's the only way.

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