Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finding the Key

Its probably why I love to fish so much. Solving the ever evolving mystery of how to get the job done. From a place I have fished a hundred times to a brand new piece of water with untold mysteries lying underneath the surface, finding the key to hot fishing is just the shit.

OMR and I saddled up the drift boat and headed out to Amber Lake just outside of Cheney. We have fished this lake enough to where we usually plain do work.

Today, it was a mystery for 3/4 of the day. OMR hit up 2 bows early in the day, but that was it except for a minor battle I had before the trout came unbuttoned. The typical chronomid/bloodworm combo for early spring wasnt doing it at all.

Into search mode we went, up, down, left right. Finally, at 3pm, jackpot.

Look below OMR's left elbow

By chance, we found flat with tremendous midge action. Nymphal shucks everywhere on the water. Fish were boiling here and there, a sure sign of those cruising fish keying in on midge larvi as they ascended through the water column. Off goes the blood worm, on goes a black chronomid sans weight as the dropper and WHAA BAMMM....

Fish swirls, land the fly, slight strip BAMM.....on and on for the better part of an hour. From a day where nothing is going on, to that....well, hallelujah, those swirling fish gave us a present. A new key for a new situation. How many were caught? In typical fisherman fashion,
I will respond with .....................enough for a good day

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