Sunday, April 26, 2009

Opening's just another day

Whaaa's that Murph Dog?

Out to Amber Lake today to fish and avoid the crowds elsewhere. April 25th....General Opener. General Opener = General craziness at most lowland lakes around the area.

I have come to the realization that Opening Day for fishing is a meaningless entity to me now. Growing up, I don't think Christmas morning and the jolly ol' elf himself could keep me away from celebrating Opening Day with the trifecta of powerbait, worms and marshmallows.

Dont get me wrong, Opening Day to a kiddo should be dangled out in front of him or her like the carrot it is. Marked on the calendar. Coolers packed the night before. Parents waking kids up before sunrise, so excited that breakfast is not an option. Nailing that first fish, surviving terrible spring weather, and coming home tired but happy as hell.....because Opening Day was here and now we can fish all spring and summer long

But now, its another day on the calendar. Why do I say this? Fishing lunacy has taken full hold of this soul. We fish all year long, through the cold, the sun and everything in between. Now the real opening days in our hearts are the special times of the year . Steelhead Season. Cutty streams coming into shape. Salmonflies. Fishing after work because there's enough light.

So here's to being on the lunatic fringe of fly fishing, because each day is Opening Day in our minds

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