Sunday, December 6, 2009

Late Season Success

Nothings better when well laid plans come to fruition.

With terrible bird numbers in our local areas west of Spokane, we ventured south to our Snake River ground we have access on. I was accompanied by Rookie Brian and the energizer bunny of dads, OMR

It was bitterly cold, but the pleasant bite of the day made for great hunting conditions and good sent for the dogs. It's true that steelhead have my heart but a great day afield can do the same for my soul as day chasing steel.

Rookie Brian had a hell of a day. Being his second time out ever for Pheasants, he's learning the game on the fly. He connected on a beautiful passing shot on a fast flying ringneck for his first pheasant ever. What a pleasure it was to be a part of that special moment

I am having more fun this year bringing new people in the outdoors, and Brian is tops on that list. He's having a season to remember. Just last week he bagged his first buck with a bow, and now he's crossed pheasants off his list. I just hope to put him on few steelfaces before this season is behind us

OMR and Brian then teamed up on the second bird of the day and I rounded out the day with this bird, pictured above. I was a proud dog owner when Murphy caught the scent, and flushed this rooster up in between Brian and I. Two quick shots dispatched the bird and Murphy beelined for the downed rooster and brought it right back to us. Freaking Golden Moment (FGM) for the Murphster.

And yet again it was another day I was fortunate to spend afield with my best friend...OMR

What a day it was....

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  1. Josh,
    What a fantastic post! You guys sure know how to get out and get after it.
    Take care,