Friday, May 21, 2010

Dumb, spelled D-U-M

"These guys came out with Band-Aids when we're hemorrhaging from a major artery," said Nicole Cordan, policy and legal director for Save Our Wild Salmon. "These are species that are already imperiled, and they're saying, 'We're going to do less for them.'"

And what might she be talking about??

The Obama administration has put a rubber stamp on the previous admin's scientific plan for salmon and steelhead recovery in the Columbia River Basin, in the face of  District Judge James Redden of Portland's three month reprieve to go back to the drawing table.  Judge Redden has already decreed that the previous plan more than likely violates the Endangered Species act.

Read more via the Huffington Post and Save Our Wild Salmon

So if I have this straight, here's what happened

Step 1--Old admin comes up with terrible unsound policy for our watershed
Step 2--Judge calls it bs and bunk...
Step 3--New admin comes in, reviews policy
Step 4--New admin rubber stamps old bad policy
Step 5--Judge says , that's not right, try again
Step 6--Rubber stamp is re- applied by new administration

What.  The.  Hell.

Apparently those clowns must spell dumb


It's time to hook up with Save Our Wild Salmon and help the cause.

Do it.


  1. Well put my man... anyone who has touched wild steel on the Ronde, Clearwater, Salmon or Snake has a dog in this fight... or a fish...
    Thanks for keeping us posted on this!

  2. Done that already. Orca Network tries to speak up for orcas, and the thing the Southern Resident orcas need most is consistent food sources. They specialize almost exclusively on Chinook salmon, especially upper Columbia Chinook, i.e., Snake River Chinook. The SR dams have cut down those Chinook to a few percent of their former numbers, ipso facto, the dams must be circumvented and the river must be allowed to behave like a river, or we will lose the orcas along with the salmon, not to mention pretty much the entire Snake River basin watershed ecosystem.