Sunday, May 16, 2010

I just dont get it...

Bowhunting for Carp.  Can someone please explain to me why this is fun?

I made it out recently to Carpganistan, aka, Carptropolis to throw flies at them only  to find a pile of rotting Carpon, some on the upwards of 20 lbs.  The best was finding one that had been struggling for a long time with hole in its middle from the was doing it's best to try and die a horrible death.  I quickly dispatched that one.

There are still mobs of the fish patrolling the flats at this particular local, but I just dont get this.   

I hunt, I fish...I kill game animals.  But if I am going to take it's life, I will eat it

This all seems pretty wasteful, right?


  1. your right!!! What I think you found, Is a low-life daralect, who cant hunt, or fish, must resort to drinking and laughing.. Let them be... thats what make's us.... stand out! as anglers and appriciaters of nature... Idiots!!!

  2. Very sad. In a few years when all the salmon, trout and steelhead are dead, carp will be all we have left.

  3. Honestly... Carp are a non native species that are a waist. Sure they can be fun with a fly rod, but so is just about anything that eats a fly. Carp are a long lived species that have taken over many lakes, rivers and even several trout streams in eastern washington. I am a proud carp killer, and dispatch them quickly. I hate carp.

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  5. I see this often on my local carp haunts as well, and though it irritates me, the anonymous posted is right, they are a non-native species and they will take over, and ruin waters reserved for natives species. Water clarity will be more murky and you will loose spawning habitat for native species.

    Now I will never purposefully harm or kill a carp, but those that do will be adding needed biomass to the local ecosystem. One of the locals I fish have a plentiful supply of carp and with the increasing amount of bow hunting going on in that particular lake, the large population of eagles, osprey and raccoons in that area are eating well.

    I do wish the fish would be dispatched appropriately though.

  6. Wow, that's ridiculous! As a lifetime hunter and fisherman, I don't condone that behavior.

  7. Welp!!!! I guess we found our idiot carp killers... the name is Anonymous... what is this anothr y2k carp invasion... They arent' going to take over anything..... they arent even preditors... they eat trash!! thats good... there not going to swim around eating frickin trout... ya fools are treating em like mice.... grow up! leave cleaning up to the clean up crew!! dig out a rod and catch a fish!!