Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God I want to jump a Tarpon....

In the inbox came an email from Brian Jill of Lost Coast Anglers and I have half a mind to leave Spokane's Snowpocalipse right now, jump on a plane and get down to Central Florida

Brian's was part of some of the most inspiring fly fishing cinematography in the history of our industry in AEG's films, and word on the blog street is that Motiv Fly Fishing Trips to Mexico is going to give us the next volley of next level shit.

Right now, he's hooking folks up for less on his trips for Tarpon.  I sugguest you hit up the link if you're headed his way and find out what that offer is....(it's pretty coo!)

Judging by Brian's gallery, I'd say that he knows what hes doing.....

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