Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, Ray's Boathouse.........

Please stop selling ESA listed Wild Steelhead from the Olympic Penninsula

Last year, we all helped to moved the once thought immovable stone and helped to convince The Pikes Street Fish Market that it wasnt a good idea to sell Wild Steelhead.   That was a great victory

Now reports have come in that Ray's Boathouse in Seattle is selling it. 

While I have never been there, it might be good for us to voice our collective opinions on this subject


And here's a tip.  When you go to voice your opinion, stay respectful and within the facts.  Break away the emotion and what we feel and let them know why it's not a good idea for them to offer this course on their menu.  Only through polite discourse will a positive outcome be the result.


  1. I found a place in portland selling it as well called Seasons and Regions..... I will be sending them the Osprey Steelhead News letter withing the next day or so.

  2. Good post mills. I am sending a letter via email today.