Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Bounty of Choices...

We are entering the sweet spot of the year.

The crisp mornings of fall make way for some killer afternoons.  There's still enough daylight to make it feel like you were out a long time. 

And oh the choices.  Enough to make you go nuts trying to figure it out where you're going to go, what your going to chase, what you need to tie up.

Grouse is open.  Dryline Steelhead.  Just about time for Quail and Chuckar.  Soon, Pheasants and Deer

Choices folks, are a grand thing

Now go get after it....


  1. For the first time in 3 years I'm going elk hunting. In Idaho. On private land. It wasn't my choice. I was literally strong-armed into going. So I disagree with you to some extent: we don't always have choices. Sometimes we're forced to do things.

  2. I'm with ya, trying to decide which direction to point the truck in the morning can be brutal. Oh, and Kirk....being forced to elk hunt is the kinda the opposite of sucking! Smoke a nice one.