Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reader Responses--Naming the Run

It's always great to get a response to a particular post that I put up here at this little outpost of fishing on the internet.  Last week's "Naming the Run" post got some great response, and Slint's email to me was sent in just the spirit that I was thinking about when I posted that particular post. 

Thanks Slint for the note and enjoy reading his version of of "Naming the Run"

I loved your post about naming runs.  I hear you.  My home river is a Great Lakes trib with a self-sustaining naturalized population of lake run rainbows descended from California stock.  They've been there longer than the browns in the Madison, but aren't natives.  Still, they are really special fish who have carved out a niche. I love them.

My friends and I have a similar policy as yours, although we allow dudes to name runs after auspicious events as well, not just the first hooked fish.  Many of the runs and pools on this particular river are named and recorded from earlier generations, but we have our own name for some and have named others for ourselves that had been previously unlisted on any of the river maps produced by local conservation organizations.

A sampler:

The stretch we refer to as the Holy Water consists of, in order from top to bottom: Led Zepplin, Power Sculpin, Old McDonald, Skinny Brown and Zoso. 

Further down river you'll find Vin Diesel, the Washington Generals, Pink Worm, the Duece, the Coho Hole, Scissor Grind and British Columbia.

These are all runs where we've hit fish, on a river where the locals keep telling me they won't hit a swung fly.... I just nod and keep my mouth shut.

On the rest of the river we use the traditional names, but there are some tasty pieces of water just begging for a new name.... as soon as someone can get grabbed in them.

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