Monday, January 23, 2012

An Eternal Question...To Drink or Not To Drink

Yesterday on the river, we were posed a pretty damn serious question.

"When you find unopened booze on the river, do you drink it?'

Now here's a 1994 Sav Blanc from the Caterina Winery that I found in a picnic backpack, fully sealed and corked. Obviously it was lost on the river, floated along and found a home.  Recent high water dislodged it and brought it to the run we fished. 

So there it was, staring me in the face.  A family dinner that night would have been the right time to sample it's contents.

Previously all I have found on the river was a derelict, tossed aside Natural Light.  The question there was easy....hells no

But here's a 18 year old bottle of wine from a great wine maker.

Shit, what to do?

If you have suggestions and or stories just like this, shoot me an email and I will repost on the blog.


  1. This clearly isn't someone's stash of beer cooling for a post beer fish, which I have stumbled upon (and admittedly borrowed a beer - borrowed, because I replaced it later with a better beer!) so you shouldn't worry about that aspect of it.

    You say it is unopened? Clearly sealed? I say drink it, with a nice piece of fish perhaps. . .maybe some Bristol Bay sockeye?!

  2. No question..... YES!!! I might pass on the natty light even at a house party but a bottle of un-opened booze. - Heck , go for it. That baby is river gold. Best looking golden trout I've seen in a while. The cold weather hasn't hurt it a bit. Go for it!

  3. Sav Blanc actually ages really well especially for a white, but 18 years in an uncontrolled environment is quite a while. That said, I'd certainly still give it at try! You might give the winery a call, they may have some interest in your find.

  4. I would check the cork first. If the cork is a synthetic material, it should be fine. But if it is natural cork, which is porous, you need to be more careful that bacteria didn't work it's way through the cork. I would pop it open and take a few careful sips, but if all seems fine(as the alcohol would kill off some of the bacteria), go for it.

  5. I was fishing on the Lower Deschutes one warm summer. As the sun stabbed it's last rays of sweltering heat into my body I saw a Ninkasi Total Domination float its way down the seam I was fishing right into my hands. All 22oz were purely enjoyed and I think I am here to talk about it.

  6. The gang has it right...mostly. Sav Blanc will not be good after 18 years. That beautiful light straw color we desire is likely more of an amber. Save the bottle, set it on a shelf by your tying stuff and give your taste palate and liver a break.

  7. A related story and the river rules would dictate that you need to drink it.