Monday, January 9, 2012

Who Wants To Buy A Drift Boat...

You do...

With a tinge of sadness, we're moving on to a new ride made of self-bailing rubber and a NRS fishing frame.  Its some serious river riding mojo.

The boat above is a beautiful 14 ft fiberglass Osprey.  It's been a great partner on the Grande Ronde, St Joe, Big Hold, NF of the Coeur D'alene and a few others.

$2200 with trailer and two sawyer wooden oars.

Pretty sweet deal eh!

Interested, shoot me an email at

jmills81 at hotmail dot com


  1. Not only that... but the EMFP sticker alone will give it some serious mojo....

    I better go get you another one... :)

  2. hey me at jmills81 at hotmail dot com