Monday, March 4, 2013

Extending The Season...

You spend most of the spring and summer waiting and watching.

Is it time yet?   Rumblings come from down river on a few fish here and few fish there being caught, just enough to stoke the fire and get you rolling on the vice.

And then it's time.  Drylines.  Skaters.  Wet flies on the tight swing.  Yes, the takes are savage and subtle just the same

The leaves fall and the snap of cold creeps in daily.  Out come the tips and cold weather and you're in the heart of steelhead season.  

Trip after trip, fish after fish, skunk after skunk.  The season just .....happens

Then all of a sudden, it's time to let the summer fish be and do their job.  You can still catch them, but each time  you feel just a bit dirtier.  Just slightly

Inland steelheaders are then forced to make a choice.

Start tying tiny little bugs, or find one more trip to extend the season where the fish are chrome and the rivers are just a little less familiar.

Saddle up for a long drive, bring the good rain gear and be prepared to get wrecked.

Winter Steelhead are an amazing thang.

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