Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rigging Up...

These days, fishing video's are a dime a dozen.  I remember the first fly fishing film tour's first edition and it blew my mind.  Now fly fishing videos are criticized if this or that is off.  Too much this, too much that, not enough of on and so forth

It's like the effect of watching too much porn.  You get all types of desensitized.

Lets get it straight, there's not much else that can be filmed that hasnt been shown.

Catching a tarpon in a float tube, done.

Tigerfish in Africa.  Check

Epic adventures in Mongolia, yep.

I'll still go see every single one that comes out and probably buy the DVD.

What I really appreciate are the films that take normal and show it in a way that displays what our sport is all about.

Case in point, this short from one of my favorite blogs out there, Dawn Patrol Fly Fishing



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  1. thanks for the shout out, i appreciate it.