Monday, July 29, 2013

The Interloper...

That aint no redband....

The Spokane is a notoriously bad dry fly river.  Plumes of caddis will hover over great water with nary a break in the surface.  The native Redband Rainbows of have a strange adaptation to give the middle finger to most dry flies.  Every once and a while you get one or two to loose their mind and break from tradition, but it's rare to the point that usually, I dont even bring dry flies with me

With the dog days of summer in full swing, I too eschewed my traditional routine and brought a dry fly rod rigged with a Chubby to see if the fish were looking up, at the hopes of intercepting a hopper.

Well the faux hopper was blown up, violently by this interloper to the Spokane system

It makes sense why this rarity rose up to smash the fly.  Westslope Cutthroat tend to do that

Occasionally one of these is found in the Spokane River.  High water events push them from the North Idaho streams,  past dams and into the lower river, but it's a journey that doesn't happen often

Big and healthy, my guess is this guy had been in the river a while.  God, I wish there were more of them.

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