Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From Picture to Wallhanger...Phototaxidermy Review

From picture....

To the centerpiece of the man room.

I'm damn impressed with the product that PhotoTaxidermy delivered to my door this week

We all take volumes of digital pictures on cameras and smartphones and nothing really pops.  It stays stored on our devices and often times forgotten.

With a quick upload of the jpeg on the PhotoTaxidermy site, the process was set in motion.   The 24x36 poster was extremely easy to put up on the wall and its nice to know that if I want to change it's location, the fabric/polyester removable adhesive allows that to happen multiple times.

The end product that's now on my wall is bomber.  The fish pops off the wall and gives it a realistic 3-D look.   Even the wife gives her approval (which we all need to keep it on the wall, right guys?)

Hey, I'm no decor expert by any means......but anyone's man room or office can and will be improved by PhotoTaxidermy

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