Sunday, March 23, 2014

Springtime Mistress...

Alas, my springtime mistress has come to call.

Dusting off the pontoon from it's last voyage, I realized I hadn't done one damn bit of maintenance like I told myself I would.    The seat is held together with an extra oarclip and the saddle bag on the pontoon still needs a new strap.

You can tell what type of emphasis that lake fishing holds in my mind.

There are guys that live for ice off and for their lakes to become fishable again.  There are guys who tie some amazing chronomids, damsels, scuds and other lake creatures.

I fish lakes because I am an addict, not because I love solving the riddle of finding the exact depth the chronomid carnage is happening at.

I fish lakes because they're there, and there's fish to catch.

And secretly, I kind of love fishing lakes.

The social aspect of the launch.  The sharing of intel.  The hoots and hollers from the successful hook up you can hear from across the lake.

To tell you the truth, sitting on a pontoon, staring at and waiting for a bobber to dive is a pretty good way to decompress from steelhead season, while still fishing.

So maybe, I should go fix that seat on the toon.....

but more than's going to stay that way till the rivers come into shape.

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