Monday, June 2, 2014

Back in 2003...

Flipping through the pages of a 2003 Summer edition of the Fish and Fly and I found, well, a picture that makes me laugh

There's so much bubba to this picture.  Neoprene nut huggers.  Camo rain jacket.  Borrowed net.

This was really my starting point in my fly fishing journey.  2003 was really the year I fell down the rabbit hole and knew that this was it.  

Lake Lenore isn't the prettiest place, and the nasty wind that day had me bobbing all over the place in my float tube.  Frustrated, I jettisoned the tube and took to the bank.  I was so tired of watching the conga line of chironomid fishermen in their anchored pontoons rail on the Lohonton's that inhabit that lake that I was about to say faaaaaak it and give up.

Well, this fish took pity on me and took my bug and went off to the races.  No net and my biggest fish on the fly rod to date thrashing around, I needed help.  Thankfully a kind angler brought me his net and OMR was there to snap the picture.

You have to start somewhere...don't you?

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  1. Your start,albeit a little more"bubba", is still more glamorous than mine: fishing to stocker trout in a trout park in Missouri. As you said, we all have to start somewhere.