Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wild Kill Fishery on the North Umpqua???

Photo Courtesy of North Umpqua Fly Guide

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has scheduled a meeting June 6th in Salem to review the Costal Management Plan in regards to steelhead management in the Umpqua Basin.

While not on the Costal Management Plan, there's an expectation of a large vocal contingent to attend the meeting to voice their desire to open the N. Umpqua to retention of wild steelhead


Here's some action items that if you can, do.

1.  Get over to the North Umpqua Fly Guide's blog and read more in depth about this meeting and issue

2.  Email ODFW and give them a piece of your mind about this BS possibility.

3.  Sign the online petition that you are against such lunacy.   Click HERE to do so

Do something, now.  While I have never set a boot into this great river,  my greatest desire that even if I never do fish it, I want to know there are places like it that exist and fish into perpetuity.   Once gone, it's damn hard to get it back.

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