Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Action Vs Talk in Conservation

Wasting away one afternoon recently on the internets, I came across a thread on a message board that really got me thinking.

Are you spending your time talking, or acting on or being a part of the conservation of our outdoor resources.

The responses were quite interesting.   Some spoke of who they support, what groups they're members of, and who they contribute time to with boots on the ground effort on specific projects.

More telling, were the responses that were either truthful

"I'm not doing enough"  or  "I hope to get more involved soon" 

or the question seemed to hold a mirror up to folks who deep down knew they weren't giving back and they didn't like what they saw staring back at them.

A few days prior, there was an interesting article in Forbes about outdoor companies that actually contribute hard dollars or labor to conservation efforts.

The article and the message board conversation go hand in glove.

Are you giving, or are you just taking from our collective outdoor resources.

Are you investing for the future of hunting, fishing and outdoor endeavors, or are you just profiting from short term sales success?

So here's my ask of you....

Who are you supporting?  Who are you volunteering for?  Are you rewarding companies that support conservation with your wallet?

The time is WAY over for you to be standing on the sidelines and not be involved.

Love cold water fisheries like and or fish like steelhead, salmon or westslope cutthroat?  Get involved, here are a few for you to consider

Wild Steelhead Coalition
Wild Steelheaders United
Native Fish Society
Save Our Wild Salmon
Trout Unlimited

Dream 365 days a year about high mountain mule deer, elk or wild open spaces with chuckars and other upland game?  Get involved, maybe with these groups

Mule Deer Foundation
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Pheasants Forever
National Wild Turkey Federation

There are countless organizations that would be jumping for joy for your volunteer hours, groups like the Wild Steelhead Coalition that are almost entirely volunteer run, or up and coming groups like Backcountry Hunters and Anglers  and The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership who are battling public land access issues daily.

The biggest tip I can give you is join the group that best fits your passions.  Don't spread yourself thin, make the biggest impact with the organization that you believe in the most.    Own it, commit to it and be a part of the solution that gives our kids hope that what we love in the outdoors will be there for them when they're old enough to join us.

And if your an owner of a company that makes money off gear, trips, or collective outdoor resources, please take a look at how you can financially contribute back.   It's nothing but solid business sense to invest in the future of the sports that use your equipment and or services.

Its time.  Stop talking about it and put your plan into action


  1. Yes! More folks need to read this. Maybe add The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership to either the angling or hunting list. Our public lands are in jeopardy, I'd like to do more with them but TU/TIC sucks up a lot of my time.

  2. Excellent write up and politely spoken! I am now semi retired and made a pledge to give back. Totaled over 600 vol. hours last year. Not trying to boast but show what is possible by giving up some TV and recliner time. All of the ones mentioned are great organizations and your time investment and voice are invaluable! Thanks!

  3. Dude, your harshing my mellow. As well as causing me to guilt drink while ranting online.....