Friday, February 5, 2016

Home Water....

I had not been back to this stretch of river in over 2 years.   It was where we cut our teeth learning to fly fish for steelhead and our default spot to go to.

The minute I stepped into the flow, I could tell I had missed it

Its just a little farther, takes a little bit more effort to get to.  Conditions can vary quickly and other rivers can be a safer and sometimes a more productive bet later in the season

Checking the weather and cfs predictions, we saw the window upcoming where it was all going to come together.

Wifey approval, check.  Vacation day submitted, check.   Crew assembled, check!

We dropped the boat in at the first launch I ever used on this river years ago and the fish cooperated, the weather cooperated, the river cooperated.  

It just felt right.  It felt like home.

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  1. Love those places/trips that you haven't taken in a few years, but when you get there, the memories are so vivid, it's like you never left.