Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Public Lands Rally Friday in Richland

The issue of Federal Land Transfer is burning white hot across the west right now, and it's about to get scalding this Friday in Richland, Washington.

Utah representative Ken Ivory, and his lobbying group American Lands Council is bringing his snake oil pitch of federal land divestiture to a public forum at the Shilo Inn in Richland, Wa. starting at 12noon.  He will be opposed by Dave Chadwick, executive director of the Montana Wildlife Federation a stanch public land advocate.

Here it is, plain and simple.

Ivory's stance is to transfer federal lands...OUR LANDS, to state control.  Once in state control, the land will then be subject to excess land selloff and boom, into private control.

The land you've hunted and fished on for generations....gone.

It takes about 3 seconds on the American Lands Council's web site to see that the play to get the land out of federal control is a resource grab.   Timber.  Minerals.  So on and so forth.  The more you pull back the layers on the onion, the more it stinks.

All under the ruse that bringing land back to state control will help.

Oh yeah, I wonder if Ivory profits from this federal to state transfer?

It's wrong.  Its facetious.  It undercuts our legacy of public land doctrine, the bedrock of our sportsman's heritage.  Find another country with as much public land access in the world

Oh wait. You can't.

If you can, be there to support Dave Chadwick and support our outdoor heritage.

RSVP to Friday's event HERE.

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