Monday, April 4, 2016

The Scenic Oregon Coast...

Nothing like rounding a bend in the river and seeing something akin to a bomb going off.

Sweet forestry practices there Oregon.  Way to go.

After spending 3 days on the Oregon Coast running up and down the watersheds there in search of late arriving winter steelhead, I was shocked to see in person some of the clear-cutting.  

It's soul-less.  I dont think anyone can look at the wide swaths of ground that are wiped clean and not frown and utter some choice 4 letter words

We need timber.  We need logging, but the situation is so out of balance.

I wonder what it's like for the loggers to get their instructions to clear cut.  Are any of them conflicted with the orders to destroy the ground, knowing that a great deal of the board feet are then sent overseas?

Behind the Emerald Curtain Official Trailer 2015 from North Fork Studios on Vimeo.

Again, if you havent seen "Behind The Emerald Curtain" yet,  do so.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I want to make sure the organization that secured funding to produce the film as part of their effort to reform Oregon's private timberlands logging also gets a shoutout -- Pacific Rivers! If you're at all about to edit the blog post to mention them, that would be great. Pacific Rivers is working for comprehensive reform of the Oregon Forest Practices Act and is screening the film all over western Oregon. natalie at pacificrivers dot org

  2. Also we are nearly ready to release a 10-minute online version of the film. If you want to email me (email above) I can share it with you to post.