Friday, May 17, 2019

Dammed To Extinction...

Dammed to Extinction Trailer from Dammed to Extinction on Vimeo.

What a film....

For year's I have focused on the fish aspect of the lower 4 Snake River Dams, without a ton of thought of the impact that they have aside of salmon and steelhead.    Last night I had the opportunity to take in what these deadbeat dams are doing to another form of charismatic megafauna, the Southern Resident Killer Whales

The whales are starving because of the lack of Chinook salmon, of which much of them come from the Snake River Basin.  Skinny and emaciated Orcas are visible in the Southern Pod and many are not reproducing because of their lack of calories I am not a whale enthusiast, but you'd have to be one cold S.O.B. to not feel this tragedy happening before our very eyes

Not down on the fish reason to take the dams out?

Dont care that billions on billions are being wasted on salmon and steelhead mitigation efforts that aren't working?

Very "meh" about economic development of the Lewiston Clarkston valley? Could give a rip about how 75-90% of the shipping has left the river, and what is left has $21,000 in taxpayer subsidy dollars attached to every barge that leaves Lewiston?

Ambivalent about treaty rights of Native American tribes?

Then take a peak at what these dams are doing to these whales Get involved at the Dammed to Extinction Web Site

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